Saturday, January 12, 2019

Out of this Mess


  1. As it turned out after summer brake Mom and Kate in my body left for a European trip that would take six months so I was now stuck for six more months. but the first two and half months found me working at Kate's job mind you a very well paying job, living in Kate's house which was a copy of my house. Being an adult i got to drive and go to the clubs and drink with out my mom telling me I can't because I was under age. to keep Kate's great figure I went to the gym everyday, went jogging in the morning's then went to work answering phone calls and working on a computer, going to lunch with my male boss everyday and then it started the sex, now I knew why Kate wanted to change bodies she could not stand the guy but I found him to be funny and smart, this turned him on even more. when mom and Kate left for Europe I was falling in love with my boss and wondering for the second time How do I get "Out of this mess". Over the next six months my boss got a divorce from his wife and asked me to marry him I said yes Again How do I get "Out of this mess". and now I was Mrs Kate Smith wondering how I am going to brake it to My old Mother and her son That not only do I love Bob but that I no longer want "Out of this mess" seeing I am 2 months pregnant with Bobs child and loving every minute.

  2. Excellent, well written story. Poor kid