Friday, April 21, 2017

Bot Mitzvah (Request)


  1. Amazing caption. I hope you would do more like that :-)

  2. Not really a big fan of giving my email out. Could you do a request where two males swap with selena gomez and Taylor swift and end up becoming best friends in those bodies?

  3. As a Jew, this is pretty insulting to me.

    1. With due respect, I'm quite certain the subject matter of this blog is objectionable to a number of people. It's the nature of the material. I'm sorry that this particular caption offended you, but to my mind it doesn't cross any boundaries that are any more sacrosanct than any other ones that I regularly breach here. For example, I regularly touch on baptism, the principal sacrament of Christian initiation, which I'd say is comparable.

      I appreciate that, as a Jew, you're offended. But I would ask that you also consider the fact that as a non-Jew, I don't hold your religion's rites and practices any more sacred than those of any other faith.

      If you can articulate an argument why I shouldn't do captions on the subject of Judaism in particular or religion in general, I'll be happy to consider your points. However, a simple declaration of your being offended does not constitute adequate reason in my mind to change my policies on this matter.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the content on my blog. If not, or if you have decided to avoid it due to the offensive nature of its content, then I simply wish you the best moving forward.

      Have a nice day.

    2. If your going to do a culture, please do it right. The Morgensterns are the only Jewish characters you've had, and they behave like horrible people in this cap. Also, a Bat Mitzvah is at age twelve, not thirteen.

    3. (Fun fact, comments are restricted to 4,096 characters, so I actually had to split my reply into two parts!)

      To make sure I understand your argument correctly, you seem to me to be saying that Morgensterns in this caption are horrible people, and that as the sole representatives of Judaism depicting them as such seems to make a broad statement about Jewish people that's unflattering. Let me know if that's not a fair representation of the position you're trying to take, and I'll amend my subsequent arguments accordingly.

      In the first place, I would contend that the Morgensterns in this caption are not depicted as "horrible people." Their initial motivation for approaching the adoption agency in this caption is just that, adoption, which taken by itself is a laudable enough endeavor. The subsequent transformation of the protagonist from an adult male into a young girl is clearly depicted as the result of a database error, not as any sort of malicious intent on the part of either the adoption agency or the Morgensterns.

      An argument could be made that their "not caring" about the fact that the protagonist was an adult male prior to the screw-up was callous. I would point out though that the caption specifically states that the reason for their taking this stance was because, essentially, the damage was done. The protagonist was mentally and physically a young girl, so there was no reason to call off the adoption.

      Another point that could be made is that the Morgensterns, along with the adoption agency, function as the antagonists in the story. But that doesn't necessarily make them the "bad guys." The antagonist in a story is simply the character(s) that work against the protagonist in the story's plot. Malice or evil are not implicit to the role. I'm reminded of the old western-comedy "The Villain" in which the main character is the titular villain, and the antagonist of the movie is a stereotypical "good guy."

      I would also point out that, even if I conceded that the Morgensterns were horrible people (which I don't), there is definitely nothing in the caption that correlates their flaws to their faith. None of their actions in the caption or attributed to their "Jewishness." In fact, the main dubious action that could be cited, the aformentioined apathy towards the protagonist's transformation, is shared by the adoption agency which is depicted as non-Jewish or religiously neutral.

      I would also point out that, after his/her transformation, the main character is depicted as Jewish alongside her new parents and in no way acquires any negative personality traits or becomes any less sympathetic a character in the process.

      I suppose my ultimate point, then, would be that characterizing the Morgensterns as unsympathetic "horrible people" seems like a stretch, and that an negative traits they exhibit are in no way expressed as being related to their faith and therefor shouldn't be taken as a broad statement about members of their faith.

      On a closing point, I'll restate that Judaism isn't a topic I have or intend to revisit frequently, as it's simply not something that tends to factor into my TG fantasies (which are obviously the principal topic of this blog). The same applies to a number of other religions/cultures/ethnic groups/ect. If I receive requests pertaining to those groups, though, I will likely fulfill them so long. If, for example, you wanted to request a caption with a Jewish protagonist, I'd be happy to do that as well. But I'm not going to go out of my way to ensure any group I include in one caption, particularly one that doesn't factor into my personal fantasies, is broadly represented across a number of other captions. Doing so strikes me as an overly burdensome expectation, as it would require me writing extensively on a topic that doesn't really interest me.

    4. (And here's the rest)

      To the point of the protagonist's age, clearly that was a mistake. There I simply mis-remembered the age that popped up in my Google searches prior to writing the cap. I will ask, however, if it isn't possible for a Jewish girl to have her Bat Mitzvah at a later age if, for whatever reason, she didn't when she was 12? Obviously the protagonist couldn't before she did due to not having ever been a 12 year old girl, and I'd imagine the situation does come up in the real world with families falling away from and returning to the faith.

      Again, if I've mischaracterized your arguments in any way, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you find my rationale behind my positions at least somewhat reasonable. And, as I said before, if you'd like to make a request for a future caption that redresses any perceived wrongs (i.e. by portraying a Jewish protagonist), I'll be happy to do that as well (as I'd be happy to entertain any caption request that's TG in nature).

      Have a nice day.

    5. I think I get where you're coming from. Your rationale seems rational. If you want to resolve this with a request, sure. An apprentice of the pastor hears about someone new in town who refuses to go to church. He goes to the newcomer, and attempts to work magic like his master. There are two problems. He doesn't know his target is Jewish, and he definitely doesn't know his target has countermagic. The magic is reflected, and when the magic dust settles, both end up roommates in the place where all ideas come to duke it out...a college campus.

  4. Also Jewish and pretty into this cap! It seems like you did think the subject matter through, and Bat Mitzvah/Jewish anything captions are so rare that I really appreciate seeing them in detail.
    I don't think the Morgensterns are terrible people- the cap is clear that it's a transformation by magical clerical error. Plus, with the mental changes, the newly regressed girl genuinely feels more passionate about the ceremony than most actual Bat Mitzvahs!
    Overall, pretty tasteful, as are most of your religious caps. Doesn't play on any stereotypes really, a story of re-coming of age. Makes me wish I could've worn the pretty dress rather than my little suit! ~Olivia

  5. Pretty inventive way to get an age regression cap in. Well done.