Friday, April 21, 2017

Bot Mitzvah (Request)


  1. Amazing caption. I hope you would do more like that :-)

  2. Not really a big fan of giving my email out. Could you do a request where two males swap with selena gomez and Taylor swift and end up becoming best friends in those bodies?

  3. As a Jew, this is pretty insulting to me.

    1. With due respect, I'm quite certain the subject matter of this blog is objectionable to a number of people. It's the nature of the material. I'm sorry that this particular caption offended you, but to my mind it doesn't cross any boundaries that are any more sacrosanct than any other ones that I regularly breach here. For example, I regularly touch on baptism, the principal sacrament of Christian initiation, which I'd say is comparable.

      I appreciate that, as a Jew, you're offended. But I would ask that you also consider the fact that as a non-Jew, I don't hold your religion's rites and practices any more sacred than those of any other faith.

      If you can articulate an argument why I shouldn't do captions on the subject of Judaism in particular or religion in general, I'll be happy to consider your points. However, a simple declaration of your being offended does not constitute adequate reason in my mind to change my policies on this matter.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the content on my blog. If not, or if you have decided to avoid it due to the offensive nature of its content, then I simply wish you the best moving forward.

      Have a nice day.